How To Invest and Make Home Runs In Crypto?

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How To Invest and Make Home Runs In Crypto?

How should we take profits in crypto? Taking profits in crypto is essential for realizing the gains you made in this market. Unless you take profits, you run the risk of losing the unrealized gains that you have made when your investment has increased in value.

A Beginner’s Guide To Taking Crypto Profits and Reinvesting

Those investing in cryptocurrencies will have the chance to save for future reinvestments and to determine how to invest their earnings. Intelligent investment managers know they don’t want to stay on cryptocurrencies long because it could wipe out their gains. Therefore, there is always a good plan of action when crypto wins. Certain individuals might feel enticed to go throw some cash on a vehicle or on different other things. It should nevertheless be remembered that the assets they contain tend to devalue over time.

Taking profits in crypto can be a little more complicated compared to selling stock. If only it was as easy as pushing a button to take profits in crypto, then there would be no problem.

Taking profits in crypto requires you to convert your crypto to a stablecoin. Unless you are selling your crypto for cash on a centralized exchange (aka fiat on-ramp), trading your crypto for a stablecoin ensures you have finalized the gains that you have made.

Understanding Stablecoins

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is stable in price and is pegged to a currency such as the US dollar. USDC, DAI, and USDT are popular stablecoins used in the crypto market.

There are other stablecoins as well that can be used outside of these ones. Just be sure to know what compatible stablecoins you can trade your crypto with on the exchange that you are using, whether it would be a centralized exchange or decentralized exchange.

How do I make a profit from crypto trading?

Taking profits can be hard for those who get greedy and are hoping to have more gains but it is important step to take. It helps to set a target price or to where you will be taking profits.   The profits you will make is a result of buying at a lower price than what you are selling it for.  Hence why the term “buy low, sell high” is really popular, but not easy to execute. Strict rules and decisions are prerequisites for sustainable results.

Common Mistakes Crypto Investors Make

Diamond Hands

  • You can hear this a lot when there are those who tell you to just hold onto your investment no matter what which can only end up hurting you if you never sell.  Dollar cost averaging out of an investment would be more ideal when it comes to selling.

Buying the dip

  • Buying the dip is not always worthwhile if it is worth waiting longer to enter at a cheaper price.  It can also not be a good idea if the crypto is being rug pulled or completely crashes without being able to recover. Dollar cost averaging into an investment would be a better alternative when it comes to buying.

Key Takeaways For Investing In Crypto

  • Don’t fall victim to fear of missing out (FOMO) and fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)
  • Set clear goals, diversify, and only trade within your means.
  • Be ready to ride out the dip or take profits
  • You can also set up a strategy to maintain a ratio such as 10% of your holdings will be allocated to stablecoins and maintain that allocation.


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